Blood Testing Service

It isn’t always easy to detect underlying health issues but we can help you take control of your health. Whether you have noticed changes in how you feel or are just curious about what’s happening inside your body, we have the test for you. Our extensive range of venous and finger-prick tests can help you understand your body better and live a healthier life.

Concerned about
your health?

If you have concerns about tiredness, an infection or any other symptoms, a blood test can be an effective way of detecting underlying health issues.

Want to monitor
a health condition?

If you’re living with an illness or disorder, a blood test can be an effective way to detect or monitor an ongoing health issue.

Want to improve your

If you’re training for an event or keen to monitor your fitness progress, a blood test is a good way to measure this objectively.
Our tests allow you to track over 450 biomarkers to investigate the causes of your symptoms, monitor a condition, or optimise your performance. By using Carnforth Pharmacy with our partner laboratories, you get support from real people, expert medical advice, and lots of choice.  

How our service works

Order your test

Let us know what you’re looking for and we can order the test in, usually in a day or two. 

Take your test

Either yourself at home or we can make you an appointment in the pharmacy to take the blood sample for you*

View your results

Usually sent to you in a few days with doctor’s advice and next steps on your online dashboard.

*One of our trained phlebotomists will be happy to help if needed. Please note there is a surcharge for this service.

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