Blood Pressure Check

We offer free NHS blood pressure checks in partnership with your GP surgery. This is aimed towards anyone from 40 years old who don’t have (or don’t know they have!) high blood pressure.

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the leading causes of premature death in England.

Hypertension is the biggest risk factor for CVD and is one of the top five risk factors for all premature death and disability in England.  An estimated 5.5 million people have undiagnosed hypertension across the country.

You will usually be offered a ‘clinic’ test first, to gauge what sort of region your blood pressure is in. This only takes a couple of minutes and so depending upon the result we may then offer a 24 hour blood pressure check. This is the gold standard for diagnosis and will automatically take many readings over 24 hours to give a fuller picture of what your normal blood pressure profile looks like. In either case we will help interpret the results and advise on ways in which you can keep a healthy blood pressure; with your consent we also share the results with your GP.

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