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Health Advice

Wanting to make a change to get healthy but not sure where to start?

Our trained and experienced staff are on hand to give personalised recommendations on how to get the best results for you in your circumstances.

You can also browse the NHS pages below for more generic advice for living well:

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Repeat Dispensing

There are some fantastic ways to ensure you don’t run out of medication.

If you’re on the same regular medication every day then NHS Repeat Dispensing is for you: your GP can pre-authorise a batch (e.g. 6 months supply) so that each month it automatically gets dispensed by us without anyone having to organise it; we can then just text or ring you when it’s ready for collection.

If you like apps on your phone or tablet then there are many great and free NHS-approved apps that you can use to remind you when to take, order and manage your medicines:


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Safe Disposal of Unwanted Medicines

Got old medicine supplies from 1992?

Have you been switched to a new drug and now you don’t need the old medicines?
Bring them to us and we’ll sort them out for you. Medicines are specialist compounds and can adversely affect wildlife and water supplies if incorrectly disposed of.

Please return your unwanted medicines to us and we will return them to manufacturers to recycle where possible or dispose of them safely.

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