World Mental Health Day

This Saturday is World Mental Health Day. At Carnforth Pharmacy we take mental health awareness very seriously. In most cases it is not obvious when someone is struggling with their mental health. A lot of the time the sufferers suffer in silence.

People can often find their troubles difficult to talk about and trying to explain a mental health issue to someone who hasn’t suffered from mental illness is often very tricky. It’s often difficult for them to comprehend how and why you are feeling the way you do, because most of the time mental illness is not caused by rational thoughts. These thoughts can lead to individuals becoming crippled by their own worries and anxieties.

In order to help people with mental health issues, an awareness of the illness is necessary, although it comes in many forms so it is not always straight forward. Medication is often prescribed to help those who suffer, but digging deeper into the individuals circumstances and history often leads to a wider understanding and therefore preventative measures can be put in place to keep someone’s mental wellbeing healthy.

The Mental Health Foundation is a great website which explains all the different work they do to help prevent peoples mental health from suffering. There is also a publications page on there with free downloads of booklets to help you cope with different aspects of mental illness.

If you are looking at the site because you want to help someone that you know or just help sufferers in general, there are lots of ways in which you can help. Just take a look at the ‘get involved’ page. We have just ordered some green pins for us to wear in the pharmacy to show our support.

Let’s get involved, build awareness and create good mental health for all.

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