COVID-19 Tests

COVID-19 Antigen Lateral Flow Test

Price: £2.49 each or pack of 5 for £9.99

This test helps identify people who are positive for COVID-19. Tests are self-administered in the convenience of your own home. Turnaround time: 15 minutes.


COVID-19 Antigen “Fit to Fly” Test

Price: £11.99

This is the same test as above but comes with a certificate signed by a doctor if you test negative. This certificate can be used as evidence when flying abroad or for visiting certain venues (e.g. some workplaces or healthcare settings). Some countries also require an observed test – these are also suitable for such requirements. Turnaround time: 2 hours.


Given the rapidly changing rules and regulations currently surrounding international travel, we would strongly recommend you visit the following websites to ensure you are purchasing the right test(s) for you:

UK Government Travel Site – What to consider before travelling and what you need to do before returning to England
UK Government A-Z list of countries – make sure to click on ‘entry requirements’ to see about country-specific Covid-19 rules. We would also recommend you to click through to the government / tourism website of the country/countries you are visiting as there may be slight differences (e.g. requiring a strict 72 hours instead of 3 days, tests may need to be taken within a certain timeframe prior to arrival irrespective of your departure time, tests may need to be conducted in a certain place/by a certain person – any or all of these are possible for certain countries so worth checking).
This can all be very confusing but don’t worry, we are here to help and so is our partner clinic at Medicspot. Feel free to ask us for advice and we’ll help the best we can, however it is up to you to make the final decision of what to buy; we cannot be held responsible for any changes or errors made in good faith.

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